December 2002


Updated: 08/05/2006


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Konnor is opening an early Christmas present from Thomas, Gitte, Mette and Rasmus in Denmark -  he had to leave a couple of times to take the trash out...

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December 12 was a very special day for Konnor - he went to "school" for the first time. He had lots of fun and didn't cry at all!

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Poor Konnor is running a high fewer and has a runny nose - all he wanted to do was lay on the floor and watch TV all day


Christmas 2002

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Our Christmas Tree


Konnor and Santa Claus


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Mor and Aunt Sweetie at Nini's


Mor and Far at Nini's


Christmas 2002 was spent at home. Mor only had one day off, so we decided to stay here and invite the family to our house. We had a good day with lots of presents, food and dancing around the Christmas tree.

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We opened our first presents on the 24th. They were from Uncle Peer who had been smart enough to order on-line with delivery directly to us.
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Nelson and Felix are taking a nap before the big day tomorrow Santa's Elf is putting decals on the tractor for Konnor
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Santa brought Konnor a new John Deere tractor with a front-end loader. Konnor was very happy!
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Konnor also liked his little wooden train he got from Mor and Far
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Nini and Papaw gave Konnor a John Deere lamp for his room. Far and Mor
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Aunt Sweetie, Aunt Sissy and Papaw Jimbo and Hannah Uncle Jim and Mor
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Nini and Aunt Sweetie Mor opening a bottle of wine Uncle Jim
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Aunt Sissy with her bird-feeder that Konnor and Far made STOP teasing me Papaw!
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Dancing around the Christmas tree - singing "Old McDonald" (among others) requested by Konnor

Saturday the 28th was spent with Lisa, Benny, Megan, Blake and Mason and later Tracy, Dustin, Blake and Jackson
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Konnor's new game from Lisa and Benny Blake, Konnor and Jackson Blake with his Eminem CD
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Konnor with his new guitar he got from Tracy and Dustin Tracy and Jackson with his Spiderman glasses