Florida Vacation


Updated: 08/05/2006



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We finally went on our family vacation - a week at the beach in Destin, Florida. We had a great time, nice weather, perfect beach and water.

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All packed and ready to go - 4:55 AM Konnor is telling stories on the way to Florida
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First stop was at a little park by the water so Konnor could get his feet in saltwater for the first time. He loved it!
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The perfect place for Konnor - he enjoyed the sand and the water. As soon as his little feet hit the sand, he would start digging with his little shovel he was holding in his hand
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Saturday we visited Destin harbor were they land fish from the deep-sea fishing. We also went on a dolphin cruise and saw five dolphins.
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Monday was little cloudy, which was OK since we spent the day at the gulfarium. Mor and Far both got to play with a spotted dolphin in the pool while Konnor watched from his backpack wishing he could play too.