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Updated: 08/05/2006

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January 2002

Far and Konnor are taking a nap Finn and Veronika stopped by for coffee and a walk on Sunday the 13th. We 'found' this little shelter on the Appalachian trail.
The weekend of January 26 - 27 was very spring like, so we spent most of the time outside. Konnor was enjoying the weather and the freedom of "walking" around on his own.

  February 2002

Konnor is a very messy eater - but he is having fun with it!
Konnor is enjoying playing in his room - especially his rocking-cow
Don't leave him out of sight for long though - here he's caught digging dirt out of the flower pot
Let's go for a ride
Is it only me or is he cute! Far got new running shoes and Konnor decided to take over the box - and don't try to tell him 'no'

It's Konnor 1st birthday and the table is all set for him Konnor isn't too exited about this big day - he slept til 8:15! While ya'll are cooking and stuff, I'll just climb in the kitchen cabinet and see what's in there...
Konnor's first present was a slide - that is a lot of fun!
The first present are being opened The birthday cake is being served
Eating the cake (all by myself) is a little bit messy

There were a lot of presents and it was difficult understanding that I had to open them all - I just wanted to play with the first ones I opened
Look at all this stuff! Not everybody were as excited about the presents as Konnor.....