September 2002


Updated: 08/05/2006


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FarMor and FarFar finally came to visit us. They had a tough trip getting here and didn't arrive until 10:30 PM, after more than 24 hours of travel. Arrival.jpg (45337 bytes)
Konnor is trying to open the door to the stuffed animal store while we're waiting in the airport DSC00001.jpg (36498 bytes)
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Konnor got a new set of Danish cloth - he had lots of fun with the paper and seemed to like the cloth too........
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Konnor also got a TripTrap Highchair - he loves it!
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Saturday we went to the wedding of Amber and Brent Bell. Konnor loved the ice-buckets and the little fence poles, which he was trying to ride like a horse.
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Afternoon "hygge" on the front porch
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Tuesday was spent in the Botanic garden and Museum of Art (Cheekwood)
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Thursday night was Catfish night with Nini and Papaw
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Aften hygge
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(Cool) Far

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Dinner @ home

Plant inspection